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Boca Chica - The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

Avon Alexander | 2012-10-20 08:10:43

I just returned from a day at Boca Chica beach, and I thought it would be good to write a quick blog post about it. There has been a lot said and written about Boca Chica. Locals seem to either love the beach or hate it. There does not seem to be much in between. So, let’s just make a good old fashioned list of the good, the bad, and the ugly about Boca Chica.

The Good

Boca Chica beach is very easy to reach from Santo Domingo. A traveler can easily catch a guagua (bus) for under 100 pesos and be taken to the beach itself. The guagua does make frequent stops, but if you can catch the express you will not make many stops at all. The beach has a reputation by some locals as being junky. I have been to Boca Chica many times and I have personally never found it junky. It has always been relatively clean. The water is shallow, which allows kids to play in it freely. Getting a beach chair rental is not too expensive, about 200 pesos. But, if you bring your own chair it is free to sit on the beach. There are numerous restaurants and quasi-resorts in the area. Finding good eats and a place to lay your head is no problem.

The Bad

Prices at the beach tend to be a bit higher than in the surrounding area. In addition, you will be hassled by 50 people per hour selling everything from fruit, to paintings, to massages, to puppies. It is truly the worst thing about Boca Chica beach itself. The hassling starts the minute you enter the beach and does not stop until you leave.

The Ulgy

Boca Chica is filled with prostitutes. I am not sure if a child would immediately recognize what is happening at Boca Chica. I don’t think the prostitutes ruin the atmosphere. Many families go to the beach at all times. But, it cannot be denied that the women are there. I have not seen any dressed too inappropriately, it is the beach after all. But, if you are prudish, or concerned with that kind of thing, you should know that the working girls are there, morning, noon, and especially at night.

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Is The Dominican Republic Safe? An American Perspective

Avon Alexander | 2012-10-19 06:10:48

When coming to the Dominican Republic, most people want to know one thing – is it safe? There have been a few stories of foreigners having problems here. Because of these isolated incidences the country has earned a bit of a reputation, along with many Latin American countries. When I first came here a year ago, my parents were worried. Ok, my mom was worried. My dad was cool with the whole adventure. My mom worried that I would be the victim of violence, that I would have a run in with the wrong people. After spending nearly a year here, I can offer some perspective on safety in the Dominican Republic.

First and foremost, while on resort properties, and during transfers to and from the resort, visitors can expect the utmost safety and security. The Dominican Republic is not Mexico. There are no reports of armed gunmen creating checkpoints and such in the DR. So, for all the travelers visiting the country to go to a resort, rest assured. While on resort property security is tight.

I have traveled all over the country. I live in Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic. I have visited Santiago and Bonao numerous times. I have been to Boca Chica, Cotui, and Puerto Plata (Sosua.)  The fact is that in every location I have visited, the locals themselves were very security conscious. What we Westerners take for granted, such as parking a car in a parking lot at night, or leaving a door open while someone is in the house, many Dominicans are not comfortable with here. The people of the Dominican Republic are nice, friendly people. However, due to the economic conditions here, there are some bad apples. This is the same as in any American city.

I would treat going out and about in the country the same as in any big American city. Avoid being flashy. Don’t count money in public. Stick to proven routes. When going out at night take a trustworthy taxi, or use a transportation company. The taxi drivers usually have a card with their number on it. Call the same taxi to pick you up when you are ready to return your room or hotel.

There is no need to fret over your security in the Dominican Republic. I have been here for almost a year and I feel as safe as I did while living in Baltimore and Miami. Yes, bad things do happen. But, violence against tourists is not a major problem in the DR. Use common sense, and you should be OK.

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What To Do In Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic

Avon Alexander | 2012-10-18 09:10:49

Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic is the country’s second largest city. It is centered in center-north of the country, about two hours north of the capital Santo Domingo, and an hour south of Puerto Plata. Santiago has gotten a bit of a bad rap as being boring. While it is true that some of the other cities in the Dominican Republic have more to offer in the way of activities and excursions, passing a night or two in Santiago could be a welcomed part of any Dominican vacation.

Everyone who has visited Santiago can immediately identify the city’s primary attraction. The Monument to the Heroes of the Restoration is immediately identifiable, resting near the city center. The monument was constructed at the commission of Rafael Trujillo, a former president of the Dominican Republic. After his 1961 assassination, the monument was renamed after the Independence Restoration War of 1863, in which the Dominican Republic regained its independence from Spain.

During the day locals and tourists visit the monument and its grounds to relax and exercise. In the center of the city can be found many local shops where visitors can buy clothes, shoes, souvenirs, and local produce. Malls in the city also provide shopping opportunities, including Colinas Mall, and Plaza Internacional. Santiago boasts a number of fast food chains including Domino’s Pizza, McDonald’s, Burger King, and KFC. Most places in Santiago are only a short, 150 peso, taxi ride away.

At night, restaurants and bars in the area provide many options to go out and eat, have a drink, and dance. Particularly popular locations are Ahi Bar, and Puerta Del Sol, which are located near the monument.

Another popular attraction in the Santiago area is Camp David. The hotel is located in the hills surrounding the city, providing an unparalleled view of the city itself. Camp David is a full service hotel, boasting 35 rooms, a restaurant, and a wine bar. Many people make the trip to Santiago for no other reason than to stay at Camp David Hotel.

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Whale Watching In Samana

Avon Alexander | 2012-10-17 11:10:54

One of the wonders of the world is the flora and fauna that this magnificent planet produces. With millions of varieties of plants and animals, it can be hard to choose which is the most awe inspiring. Of course the big predators come to mind, lions, tigers, and bears. But so do so many of the other large animal species that are found in Africa, such as elephants, giraffes, and rhinoceros. But, while land animals have captured the attention of the world, whales, the largest creatures ever to exist on earth, are truly some of the most majestic creatures to ever inhabit this planet.

The Dominican Republic hosts one of the winter stops for the humpback whale. This massive animal, which ranges in size from 39–52 feet, and can weigh an average of 79,000 pounds, can be seen during the whale watching season, which lasts approximately from January 15 to March 15 every year. The whales visit the warm Caribbean waters of the Dominican Republic in order to rear their offspring, far from the dangerous reach of predators. Humpback whales can be found in abundance off the coast of Samana, Dominican Republic during the season.  This makes Samana one of the Caribbean’s most important whale watching destinations.

I personally took a whale watching tour in February of this year. We started out in a medium sized boat, with about 30 people on board. After going out about 30 minutes or so, the waves were very choppy. Kids on the boat were getting scared, and we weren’t seeing any whales. I just knew that a whale sighting would happen. The captain of the boat communicated with other local captains. They informed each other of the latest sightings so that everyone could share in the excitement. And finally, it happened –we saw a whale!

That day we saw many whales - about 4 or 5 in all. We even saw a whale jump out of the water! After all the whale watching excitement, we stopped at the pristine Cayo Levanto for a day at the beach. It was truly a memorable experience, both for the choppy water and the whales that we saw. I strongly recommend a Samana whale watching adventure for those that are not weak at heart, or stomach.

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Why Dominican Republic Airport Transfers Are Important

Avon Alexander | 2012-10-16 08:10:35

If you are a visitor to the Dominican Republic, it is likely that the first person you meet here in the country will be the driver of your transfer from the airport to the destination of your choice. Though you will undoubtedly come into contact with plenty of friendly people in the airport, the driver will probably be the first person you talk to, and get to know a little. Sometimes selecting a company to drive you to your destination comes down to a matter of cost - the traveler goes with the cheapest company. But, there are several other important factors to consider when choosing a transportation company.

The first rule of transporting passengers is to arrive on time. When the passenger arrives after a long flight, the last thing they want to do is find themselves waiting in the airport, nervous that their driver is late and may never show up. Our drivers at Dominican Quest are always punctual. We don’t make excuses because we don’t have to.

The roads in the Dominican Republic are not developed like in many Western countries. Sure, the roads are paved, but the traffic patterns are much less refined. When driving passengers, chauffeurs must keep in mind that arriving to the destination is not the only goal, but also making sure that the client is comfortable is very important. This means driving in a safe manner, and being respectful of the client's peace of mind.

Customer service should be the utmost concern of a transport company. Drivers should be professional, courteous, and punctual. They should put service to the customer first. These are some of the core principles of Dominican Quest.

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Modern Day Comforts In Santo Domingo

Avon Alexander | 2012-10-15 08:10:21

Americans planning a trip to the Dominican Republic are often given all kinds of advice on what to and not to do upon arrival. Advice columns are filled with cautionary tales advising travelers not to drink the water from the tap, and where to and not to go in order to stay safe. Though the Dominican Republic has been called a third world country, many familiar comforts can be found in the country, especially in the capital of Santo Domingo.

The Dominican Republic is on the ascendency. The country seems to be growing by leaps and bounds, with foreign investments pouring in. In the capital of Santo Domingo - the 50's themed burger and fries restaurant Johnny Rocket's has just built and opened their largest location in the world. Also, in the capital can be found numerous familiar chains. Both McDonald's and Burger King have locations in Santo Domingo, as do Tony Roma's and Outback Steakhouse. Though the eateries are by no means ubiquitous, familiar food options can be found without much hassle.

Santo Domingo also has numerous shopping centers where even the most discerning shopper can find cool clothing and gift options. Among the largest are Plaza Central and Mega Centro. Blue Mall and Acropolis are in the more upscale area of Santo Domingo - with Blue Mall featuring a full scale Louis Vuitton store. The newest megamall to open, Agora Mall, is only the latest in a series of shopping centers to open in the capital, and will soon be eclipsed by an even larger mall.

Luxury hotel accommodations have not kept pace with the development of shopping centers in Santo Domingo. The majority of options for hotel include small to medium sized locally and foreign owned hotels, with some being international chains. This, however, is soon to change. The Marriott Company recently announced that the company will build a 131 room hotel, under their luxury JW Marriott brand, on the site of Blue Mall. The hotel is expected to be completed and open in 2014.

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About the Dominican Republic

Avon Alexander | 2012-10-14 08:10:45

The Dominican Republic is an island nation, comprising the eastern 2/3 of the island of Hispaniola – which it shares with the country of Haiti.  It is the #1 tourist destination in the Caribbean, and for good reason.  The country has a little bit of everything, from some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, to the highest mountain peak in the Caribbean. Here, you can learn to surf, or get a rush mountain climbing – it’s all at your fingertips.

The Dominican Republic was the first land discovered in the New World.  Yes, Christopher Columbus landed here first.  In the capital, Santo Domingo, can be found the historic Zona Colonial, or Colonial Zone.  The Colonial Zone features cobblestone streets and large stone walls which were built in the colonial days.  Visitors come to Zona Colonial from around the world to see the oldest churches in the New World – which are located here.  Numerous museums and attractions give the visitor a sense of just how important the Dominican Republic has been in the history of the New World.

The majority of the attractions are along the Conde, a historic street which has been turned into a pedestrian walkway.  The Conde serves as the central point in Zona Colonial, and all the other attractions are either located on the Conde or branch out from it.  Zona Colonial has tons of shops where visitors can purchase anything from new clothing to a tattoo.  The restaurants in the area range from the familiar – Segafredos and Hard Rock – to more local Dominican food stops.  The area is kept safe day and night by a friendly police force which has an office located on the Conde.

The Colonial Zone is must see, not only for its shops and museums, but also for the nearby Malecon, which is a great place to take in local Dominican culture.  The Malecon, which overlooks the Caribbean Sea, features local eateries and shops, a modern movie theater, and outdoor activities such as singing karaoke and having a drink at a local drink spot.  Anytime is a great time to go to the Malecon, but weekend nights tend to be packed with locals “gozando,” or having a good time. 

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Dominican Republic destinations

Avon Alexander | 2012-10-13 09:10:16

The Dominican Republic is the top travel destination in the Caribbean.  Travelers love the country for its year round weather, great beaches, world class excursions and golfing, and affordability.  While there are many must see cities in the Dominican Republic, including Samana, Puerto Plata, and the capital Santo Domingo, Punta Cana is surely one of the most visited destinations on the island. Punta Cana is situated in La Altagracia, the easternmost province of the Dominican Republic. It has been included in numerous world class travel destination lists, including ranking number 79 out of 100 on UCLA’s top 100 places to see before you die.  Punta Cana has something for everyone.  Here we will take a look at Punta Cana’s top beach and golf attractions.
Barvaro Beach Barvaro Beach is loved by everyone who visits it. The turquoise water is warm year round, making this beach perfect for all kinds of activities from wading and swimming, to taking a run on the beach, to sunbathing. Barvaro Beach is the most popular beach in all of Punta Cana due to its size, the beach stretches for miles and miles, and the fact that the government meticulously keeps the beach clean.  We consider Barvaro Beach a must see when visiting Punta Cana.
Macao Beach Macao Beach is known as more of a “locals” beach, though plenty of tourists visit it.  The beach is known as a great place for boogie boarding and surfing – so bring your board when you go to Macao Beach.  The waters at Macao Beach always leave visitors in awe, due to its awesome turquoise color and clarity.
Punta Espada Golf Course  If you are a golfer, you have probably already heard of Punta Espada Golf Course.  Rated by Golfweek magazine as the best golf course in all of the Caribbean and Mexico, Punta Espada is situated adjacent to the sea.  The contrast between the turquoise Caribbean Sea, and the golf green is absolutely breathtaking.  Punta Espada is a world class par 72 course, and was actually the site of the Cap Cana Championship - the inaugural PGA Tour’s Champions Tour which was held in April 2008.
Iberostate Bavaro Golf & Club The Iberostate Bavaro Golf & Club was created by leading designer P. B. Dye.  The golf green features 6,897 yards of Supreme Paspalum grass, which is a beautiful green grass perfect for the Caribbean environment.  The management of the club is very attentive to their client’s every need, down the smallest detail.  This has resulted in Iberostate Bavaro Golf & Club being ranked #5 on’s top Punta Cana attractions list. 

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New Highway between La Romana and Punta Cana Airport

Julio Calderon | 2012-08-20 11:08:49

Part of The Coral Highway has been inaugurated recently and is now open for traffic. A trip from Santo Domingo to Punta Cana is much more convenient as it only takes 3 hours instead of 4. Coming from the east, this new Highway bypasses Higuey and goes straight to La Romana. When the highway is finished, it will be also possible to bypass La Romana to even save more time. The price of this proyect is over U$ 400,000.00 and it was built by the brazilian firm Obedrecht. It consists of 2 bridges, the most important being the one over the Chavon river.



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New flights from New York to Samana with Jet Blue

Julio Cesar Calderon | 2012-07-11 12:07:15

JetBlue Airways, New York’s Airline headquatered in Queens, announced today its plans to expand its services with yet another destination in the Dominican Republic, adding Samana starting November 14, 2012. Jet Blue, the Dominican Republic’s largest airline, will offer flights twice a week between John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) and El Catey International Airport (AZS). Flights will be available on Wednesdays and Saturdays and they will be the only service between the United States and this beautiful tourist destination. Vavationers can already book theri flights which are already on sale for attractive fares of $169 (a) one way. These fares will apply for trips between November 14 and February 9, 2013. 

“Samana offers great potential and is one of the best kept secrets of the Dominican Republic. The combination of tropical forests and breathtaking beaches will for sure be a pleasant surprise for many of our customers in this undiscovered paradise,” said director of network planning for JetBlue, John Checketts. “We are very pleased with the support we continue to receive from the island’s communities and as the country’s largest carrier, we are glad to be able to add a new destination for visitors of the Dominican Republic and residents alike.”

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Cap Cana All Set to Launch Its New Resort

Irina Tisch | 2012-04-03 07:04:29

Solaya Resort and Hotel is making the final preparations to launch the Edon Roc Resort in Cap Cana. It is a boutique luxury resort which will have 34 freestanding units as well as three highly luxurious bungalows with private pools. The resort is designed by Franc Ortega, a Dominican architect. The resort will also have luxurious amenities like a full service, high end spa, three golf courses designed by Jack Nicklaus, five culinary selections, a kids club, a beach club, tennis facilities and much more.

The resort has been designed as a luxurious modern getaway with a Mediterranean flavor. Each of the suites at the resort have been designed luxuriously. The project also includes signature designs from internationally renowned designers Carlo Belgir and Marina Nova based in Milan, Italy. They envisioned the elementally infused, striking structures which capture the natural essence of the destination. While they do embody the glamorous appeal of the Italian and French Rivieras, the combination is set to evoke unique ambiance which is dramatic but serene. Guests are transported to their spacious beachfront accommodations upon arrival which are surrounded with lush greenery and several well designed common areas.

The resort is located conveniently in the very exclusive Capa Cana community and is only 20 minutes away from the International airport of Punta Cana. The resort also includes Caleton Beach Club with tropical rainforests and white beaches to offer luxury global clients with everything they need. Families travelling with children have a jungle themed club for the kids. The kids club is ideal for adventurous, young guests and is surrounded with greenery. It is designed as a large tree house with a small dining area, mini spa and video games to keep the younger guests entertained and provide some free time to the parents.  

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Sereno de la Montaña

Irina Tischenko | 2012-04-03 07:04:00

If you love tropical rainforests, mountains and the great outdoors but don’t want to give up on luxury, then Sereno de la Montana is a great choice for you. The resort has been designed for attracting travelers that enjoy camping in mountain forests, tubing and kayaking. It is an eco-lodge which received a donation of RD $1.9 million from the USAID to make enhancements. Work on the resort concluded in December, 2011 and the eco lodge is now open to tourists.

The lodge now has solar panels to provide electricity, water heaters within the guest rooms and has new equipment to allow guests to enjoy camping, tubing and kayaking. Visitors close to the Jamao River located in Los Bueyes northern community in the Espillat province will also be able to enjoy horse riding and hiking on trails. This eco-lodge is located 34 kms from Cabarete or Moca, 45 kms from Santiago and the Puerto Plata international airports and 30 kms from Puerto Plata.

The resort is a community initiative launched by two of the province’s well known NGO’s and has been designed for promoting ecotourism in the country. The project is aimed at sustainable family ecotourism and community improvement. It offers great potential for protecting the natural resources  of the community. Located only 35 kms from Moca in the Espalliat province, there are two beautiful resorts at Oxen and Jamao River. It is a unique place which supports the local community members to improve living conditions and promotes the conservation and protection of its natural resources.

The resort includes a restaurant-bar which will serve typical local dishes and drinks to introduce tourists to the best flavors straight from the family kitchen of the country. Everything served is natural, professionally prepared and served in a serene environment. 

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Street Vendors - A Part of the Dominican Way of Life

Irina Tischenko | 2012-04-02 12:04:17

It is hard to miss the street vendors when you visit Dominican Republic since they are a huge part of the local culture and can be found almost everywhere in the country. In tourist areas, the vendors may offer a large number of items such as beach toys, sarongs, baseball caps, t-shirts, jewelry and seafood snacks. If you are a tourist, you should be aware that some of the items which are termed to be local crafts could be actually mass produced in China or Haiti.

Avoid the local vendors when purchasing crafts if authenticity is very important to you. Caution should also be exercised when purchasing what the vendors call Cuban cigars since these may well be counterfeit. Most beaches will have Mama Juana vendors that allow you to sample their potent wares. Street sellers are also a part of the everyday Dominican life beyond the main tourist areas. In every town or city, fruit sellers can be found with their wares of tropical fruits. Several sellers have tricycles on which they sell vegetables. Afternoons bring the ice-cream vendors on bicycles.

Throughout the Dominican Republic, one can also find farmers or Campesinos that bring fresh produce from the country on horse drawn carts that are laden with coconuts, pineapples or lemons. This is an interesting contract in the urban settings. Tourists can purchase fresh fruit pieces for only a few pesos. Street vendors often sell vegetables and fruits as well as prepared frituras which are typical fried delicacies from the country. These include vaniqueues or johnnycakes, pies or empanadas, quips or kibbes, carnita-meat, chimi churri- hamburgers, hot dogs, homemade candies, sweets and fruit juices. These are all worth trying out at least once and they definitely make good photography objects!

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Bargaining Tips for Dominican Republic

Julio Calderon | 2012-03-24 07:03:28

Shopping can be a lot of fun in Dominican Republic. However, if you are not very careful you may end up spending big bucks. Bargaining is a very helpful skill when you are visiting Dominican Republic, particularly if you wish to shop a lot. During any time of your trip, you may face several opportunities for bargaining for a shopping item you really want to purchase. Although your first instinct would be to pay the asked price, you should know that the vendors here expect tourists to negotiate and they draw a mean bargain.

In several parts of the world, bargaining is not a well known concept. However, in DR you can save a huge amount of money if you have a few bargaining skills. It is also a great way to getting involved in the local cultural aspects. In order to help you get the most of your shopping experience and your money, we have put together a list of a few helpful bargaining tips which will immensely help you. If possible, visit the market with a local friend or someone who is more comfortable bargaining. It may take some time for you to really learn to master the skill but the savings resulting from it are well worth the effort.

Given below are a few great bargaining tips when you are in DR:

  • It can be very helpful if you speak the local language. If not, it helps to have someone with you who does.
  • Be well aware of the local going prices before you bargain.
  • Avoid talking or dressing up as a tourist or wearing branded and expensive jewelry and clothing when you go shopping.
  • If you are not sure that you are getting a fair deal, don’t hesitate to take your time to think about it.
  • Begin by offering only half of the asked price.
  • Always say that you are carrying less money than their asking price.
  • Do not hesitate to walk away if the vendor does not agree to your price. 

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Prehistoric Beauty - Dominican Republic Caves

Julio Calderon | 2012-03-24 07:03:45

Dominican Republic is home to some of Caribbean’s most extensive cave structures. These caves are beautiful, are fun to explore and several of these also have artwork etched and painted on the walls by Taino Indians from 3,000 years back. The country has preserved several of these manmade and natural wonders through its national parks. Visitors can explore these caves on their own or can take one of the tours which are offered.

Caves in the Eastern Region

The Cueva de las Maravillas caves have been open since 2003. This cave system is located off the road between La Romana and San Pedro at Cumayasa. The attractions include cave paintings by Taino and the natural formations.

Another cave to explore in the country’s eastern region is the Fun Fun cave or the Cuevas located in Hato Mayor. The cave is easily accessible from the east and south coast resorts of the country. Formerly, the cave was known as the Devil’s cave and is the longest cave in the Caribbean. It is also said to be among the largest caves in the world.

Caves Around Santo Domingo

If you are in Santo Domingo, one of the best places for exploring caves would be to visit Mirador del Este, a large city park. This park is home to several caves. Many of these are actually limestone sinkholes which have been created centuries ago. The most accessible and popular among these is the Los Tres Ojos.

El Pomier cave is located not far from Santo Domingo, outside of San Cristobal. Various architects consider it to be the pyramids of Dominican Republic. The landscape here is dotted by 54 caves. These contain thousands of invaluable pictographs and petroglyphs from thousands of years ago which are considered to be an invaluable part of the history. 

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