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Dominican Republic Will be Present at the 2012 Cruise Shipping Carnival

Irina Tischenko | 2012-03-24 07:03:44

Dominican Republic made its presence felt at the 2012 Miami based SeaTrade Cruise Shipping Convention. The Director for Cruise Ship in the Minstry of Tourism, Orfila Salazar, was present at the event. Richard D. Fain, the Royal Caribbean president visited the country’s stand and spent a few moments exchanging impressions with the delegation. Some of the leading players of the industry attended the event. Key officers and CEOS of Norwegian, Holland, Celebrity, Royal Caribbean and Carnival Cruise along with many leading cruise lines were also present at the event.

The delegation from Dominican Republic promoted the ports in the country and the local attractions for the passengers of cruise ships. Salazar highlighted that the country participates in various fairs for establishing new relationships with some of the largest cruise companies in the world. This results in development and benefits for the country. He also said that the achievements of such participation and promotion result into investments which benefit various areas on the country.

Some of the people representing the country at the event along with Orfila Salazar were Wendi Justo from Miami’s tourism office, Estela Nunez and Sharon Mei from the Sans Souci Port, Francisco Schad and Federico from the Samana Port, Francisco Carreras from the Frederic Schad Agents, Arturo Fernandez and Luis Rodriguez from the La Romana Port, Travel Net’s president Jochi Mella, Bruiseida Oilivero from the Santo Domingo cluster and Esteban Guillen, an artisan among several others.

The convention is a huge and widely recognized event for the cruise shipping industry. It attracts over 900 exhibitors and receives around 5,500 industry professionals from more than 119 countries other than the tour operators that attend the event. 250 cruise ships had visited the country in 2010-11, bringing approximately 430,000 passengers.

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Dominican Republic and the Dominoes

Julio Calderon | 2012-03-24 07:03:46

Dominoes is a very popular game throughout the Caribbean. It is an enjoyable but an intricate pastime which is a major way of line in Dominican Republic. From the elderly to the youth, dominoes can be heard slamming down on wooden tables specially carved for the game during all times of the day. The country has its own version of the game. Dominoes is much more than just a pastime or a game, it is a way in which people share stories with acquaintances and friends, an escape from the everyday worries of life.

If you are new to the Dominican Republic, playing a game of dominoes will be a good way of integrating yourself into the local culture and understand the way the locals interact. To outsiders, dominoes may seem to be a very simple way of connecting the dots. The winner is the one who has been lucky to start first and manage to get rid of all pieces. However, under its easy going image, the game involves intense calculation of plays, numbers and strategies. Dominoes is like a math problem that has infinite possible outcomes which can result into a victory. With some pointers, patience and practice, a beginner can quickly get hold of the game’s intricacies and enjoy the game.

Dominoes is basically a draw game where the object is to get rid of all the pieces first. Points are collected based on fichas or the pieces which are in the hands of the opponents. In order to begin the game, the deck will be placed face down and will be shuffled. Each player gets 7 dominoes. After the dominoes have been organized by all the players, the game can begin. Usually, the players arrange their dominoes in their combinations to plan the future moves easily. 

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Renovation Complete at the Casa de Campo

Irina Tischenko | 2012-03-24 07:03:34

Dominican Republic has been building up reputation as one of the best destinations to travel to in the Caribbean because of its beautiful beach destinations, resorts, affordability and its world class services. The destination is home to some of the most luxurious and comfortable resorts as well as affordable hotels catering to travelers in every category.

One such resort is the Casa de Campo which has undergone major renovations and is now open to guests. The hotel underwent major upgrade for its suites and rooms and the lobby has been fully remodeled. The hotel also unveiled the La Cana Restaurant and Lounge, a fine dining restaurant offering al fresco as well as indoor dining options. The restaurant is managed by New York’s Maccioni family of Le Cirque. This is the second venture of the Maccioni family at the Casa de Campo. The first was the Beach Club at the Minitas Beach. The renovation also involved the refurbishing of its fitness center. Guests at the hotel can also check the new and impressive MonteCristo Cigar Lounge.

The renovated rooms now have a modern, elite look though they still maintain their rich use of Coralina stone and mahogany wood. All rooms have 42 inches LED flat screen televisions, cable and Blu-Ray players. Some of the other features in the room include wireless internet, dual dock for iPhones and iPod and alarm clocks. The main area of the hotel now has a grand, impressive open space which makes full use of its natural surrounding Caribbean beauty and has a minimalist design. The pool area is also renovated completely and it now includes various trellised platform to allow late afternoon and early morning yoga classes. There are shaded, comfortable seating areas with white canopies, cushions in natural woods. 

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The PuntaCana Club and Resort - Voted Best in the Caribbean

Irina Tischenko | 2012-03-24 07:03:08

The PuntaCana resort and club is an exclusive resort in Dominican Republic and has recently been termed as the Golf Resort of Year. PuntaCana resort and club is home currently to two top of the line golf courses, Corales by Tom Fazio and La Cana by P.B. Dye. Hacienda, a third golf club, has recently been launched. The La Cana course designed by P.B. Dye was launched in 2001 and since then has been a chosen course for golfers from around the world. It is also environmentally friendly and had been the first one to use paspalum, a type of grass which can be watered with sea water.

The Corales Golf Course was launched in April, 2010 to rave reviews. The Tam Fazio designed course received the title of the Caribbean golf’s future from Brad Klein of Golf Weekly. With Hacienda, this resort now offers 54 championship golf holes to guests living at the hotel. These three golf courses combined, along with several of the amenities that are provided to the guests, makes this resort and club the premier beach and golf destination in the Caribbean today.

Jay Overton, the Director of club and golf operations for Corales said that guests can expect a truly unique experience playing golf at the PuntaCana resort and club. The project is truly remarkable and one which has been enthusiastically received by golf enthusiasts from around the world. For this award, more than 2000 golf clubs and resorts from all over the world had been considered. All of these golf courses were judged according to tee times, communication speed, quality of the service of the marketing and sales team, value for money, quality of accommodation and golf course and customer satisfaction among many other factors.

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La Romana from JFK- Non-stop Flights from Apple Vacations

Irina Tischenko | 2012-03-24 07:03:53

With the increase in number of people travelling to Dominican Republic, there has been a huge demand for new flights. Airlines from around the world are introducing new airline services and flight schedules for Dominican Republic or are increasing their flight frequency to keep up with the huge crowds.

Apple Vacations recently announced their new flights from JFK to La Romana in Dominican Republic. These are non-stop flights which have already began their services in January. The JetBlue Airway flights will depart on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The company offers convenient morning departures as well as afternoon returns. The new flight has been launched with a view of offer more convenience to their clients. These flights also serve to compete with the flight services offered by the American Airlines. JetBlue flights include a number of added amenities in their flights such as seat-back televisions with XM/Sirius Radio, Direct TV and first bag free.

Although introducing the new flights itself is an encouraging move, the company has not stopped there. Apple Vacations is also offering 3, 4 and 7 night stays to its clients from a choice of 6 hotels and resorts in the area such as Barcelo, Bahia Principe, Iberostar and Dreams. Apple Vacations co-president Timothy Mullen said that until now La Romana could only be reached through a 45 minute transfer through Punta Cana. Apple Vacations is glad to offer its clients the convenience and ease of its non-top, direct La Romana flights.

The new flights allow vacationers with only a few days of holidays to enjoy an affordable, convenient getaway to this amazing destination. Apple Vacations had introduced a supersale to launch the flight by offering introductory prices for its 3, 4 and 7 night stays in its chosen hotels.


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La Residencia del Paseo - For an Unforgettable Dominican Vacation

Irina Tischenko | 2012-03-24 07:03:03

The Residencia del Passeo hotel is located in the heart of Samana’s Las Terrenas, only a few meters away from restaurants, shops, bars and the beach. It offers direct access to El Paseo, a charming mall. The hotel is a hidden oasis which offers unmatched tranquility. It is the perfect place for those who want to enjoy high class services but don’t want to give up the privacy offered by the garden apartments.

The hotel is located in two story buildings and has 40 apartments which have been designed in an original and traditional architecture using Creole thatch roofs, black wood tree and walls painted with natural pigments. The buildings are distributed harmoniously around the large swimming pool and the beautiful gardens. All apartments are comfortably furnished and tastefully decorated.

Every apartment includes:

  • Free wifi internet
  • CD player
  • Cable TV
  • Hair dryer
  • Air conditioning
  • Well equipped kitchen
  • Individual furnished terrace
  • Bathroom with hot water and shower

In order to make the stay of its guests more comfortable, the hotel also offers the services mentioned below:

  • Free internet
  • Laundry service
  • Daily housecleaning
  • Concierge/reception with a multilingual staff
  • Pool with towels, sun chairs and tables
  • Free local press
  • El Mojito, a restaurant-bar for snacks, dinner, lunch and breakfast
  • Private car park and security
  • Service of delivering groceries purchased to the apartment

The Residencia del Paseo apartment hotel also offers private and direct access to El Paseo mall which has over 40 boutiques, post office, currency change office, pharmacy, bank, bars and restaurants. The hotel has privileged setting and site, harmonious and abundant space and it offers guests with an unforgettable, memorable vacation in the Dominican Republic.

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Dominican Republic - The Largest Exporter of Handmade Cigars in the World

Irina Tischenko | 2012-03-24 07:03:33

For several people, Cuban cigars remain the gold standard for many reasons. Cuban cigars hold a certain appeal due to their impressive pedigree and also because they are illegal to bring in the U.S. However, the fact remains that several well known Cuban cigar makers fled to Dominican Republic during the revolution led by Fidel Castro. They brought their tobacco seeds and their expertise with them to create some of the leading brands in the world today such as Montecristo, Romeo y Julieta and H. Upmann among others.

Dominican Republic is the largest exporter of handmade cigars in the world today. Tabacalera de Garcia is the largest factory for handmade cigars in the world and makes the finest quality Dominican cigars. It is known for its consistency and quality. The factory is in La Romana and is known for creating some of the most well known cigar brands such as VegaFina, Trinidad and several other brands. There are not many cigar factories that can compete with the quality of cigars produced by this factory and it has definitely become the highlight of the trip for several people travelling to Dominican Republic. The factory was established in 1971 and is located next to Casa de Campo, a well known beach as well as golf results. Regular tours are no longer to be continued to the factory. However, it may grant a tour with a special request through the hotel.

All of the Dominican made brands of Altadis are hand made by experienced and highly skilled cigar makers that use the finest quality tobacco available in the world. Several people prize these cigars for their flavor range, consistency and quality and because of the fact that these are top notch, truly unique cigars.

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Highways and routes in the Dominican Republic | 2012-02-04 05:02:43

The Dominican Republic is classified as a middle-income country by the World Bank. In the last 10 years the government of the Dominican Republic has put increased effort in renovating and improving the nationwide road infrastructure to improve connections of the interior of the country to Santo Domingo. This has successfully improved the quality of the main eight highways of the Dominican Republic. Expansion, widening, tunnels, and elevated viaduct have all been methods used by the Dominican authorities to increase the efficiency of the main arteries of the country. DR-1 connects Santo Domingo to the fertile Cibao region, Dominican Republic's second most populated city Santiago de los Caballeros and ends in the Dominico-Haitian border close to Monte Cristi. DR-2 gives Santo Domingo a direct link to the mid-size cities located in the southwestern region of the country and a second connection with Haiti. DR-3 provides Santo Domingo with a direct connection to the important cities of the east and to the main tourist towns of the republic. The other numbered highways provide alternative routes(DR-8, DR-4, DR-6), or work as an auxiliary route(DR-5) from the main routes to connect smaller sized cities to the main highway grid. 

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An overview of culture | 2012-02-04 04:02:57

There's no place quite like the Dominican Republic. That’s because its history is the result of an unlikely mixture of influences; nowhere else will you find a blending of European, African, and native Taíno Indian cultures.

These distinct cultures still drive the social identity of the people today. Every aspect of their food, music, art, sports and religion provides a unique insight into the development of their country. In a single day you can experience both ancient and modern cultures from around the globe.

Nowhere is this more evident than in their food. As a former Spanish Colony, many of its dishes carry a familiar Latin American feel. Lots of rice, beans, meat and seafood can be found in their cuisine. However, strong influences from its heritage give the meals a unique twist. Traditional Taíno dishes are still made featuring yucca, plantains, and potatoes; as well as African recipes using similar native ingredients.

The most common food on the Island is called La Bandera, or “The Flag.” It is made with meat, rice, and red beans. Making the dish distinctly Dominican, many will also serve it with friend plantains called “tostones.” As a culture that loves to eat, the meal will often continue beyond this first course. Be prepared to try boiled green plantain known as “mangú,” “pasteles en hojas,” which are wrapped turnovers cooked in banana leaves; and various casseroles, stews, and meat dishes featuring braised goat, pork and chicken rinds.

In addition to their rich culinary history, Dominicans also demonstrate their unmistakable heritage through art. The island is filled with many different types of bright and colorful artwork. Jewelry made out of amber, bone, horn and coconut husk can be found at local markets and shops, where the native Taíno influence can still be seen. In addition to jewelry, Dominican artists also use clay, porcelain, hemp, and guano to make both decorative and religious figurines.

Many of these figurines point to the religious history of the island. Its inhabitants are mostly Catholic, followed by other denominations of Christianity.

Although food and art are important parts of Dominican culture, the true life of the culture is baseball. Much more than a national pastime, baseball is a major source of national pride and identity. In fact, almost 40 percent of players in the U.S. Major League Baseball and minor leagues come from Latin America- with most of those coming from the Dominican Republic. Some of their most famous Dominican players include Pedro Martinez, Alex Rodriguez, Albert Pujols and Sammy Sosa.

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