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Prehistoric Beauty - Dominican Republic Caves

Julio Calderon | 2012-03-24 07:03:45

Dominican Republic is home to some of Caribbean’s most extensive cave structures. These caves are beautiful, are fun to explore and several of these also have artwork etched and painted on the walls by Taino Indians from 3,000 years back. The country has preserved several of these manmade and natural wonders through its national parks. Visitors can explore these caves on their own or can take one of the tours which are offered.

Caves in the Eastern Region

The Cueva de las Maravillas caves have been open since 2003. This cave system is located off the road between La Romana and San Pedro at Cumayasa. The attractions include cave paintings by Taino and the natural formations.

Another cave to explore in the country’s eastern region is the Fun Fun cave or the Cuevas located in Hato Mayor. The cave is easily accessible from the east and south coast resorts of the country. Formerly, the cave was known as the Devil’s cave and is the longest cave in the Caribbean. It is also said to be among the largest caves in the world.

Caves Around Santo Domingo

If you are in Santo Domingo, one of the best places for exploring caves would be to visit Mirador del Este, a large city park. This park is home to several caves. Many of these are actually limestone sinkholes which have been created centuries ago. The most accessible and popular among these is the Los Tres Ojos.

El Pomier cave is located not far from Santo Domingo, outside of San Cristobal. Various architects consider it to be the pyramids of Dominican Republic. The landscape here is dotted by 54 caves. These contain thousands of invaluable pictographs and petroglyphs from thousands of years ago which are considered to be an invaluable part of the history. 

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